About Us

In 2009, under the curatorship of parent company Audiovision, the Samsung brand store was opened in Canal Walk shopping centre - a first in South Africa – a standalone store exclusively showcasing Samsung products, with the aim of better exhibiting the Samsung brand experience across all product categories.
As a runaway success from inception, this brand store concept was steadily expanded across the country, and in the Western Cape of South Africa by its original custodians Audiovision into three more locations, namely V&A Waterfront, Tygervalley and Somerset

As official Samsung Experience Stores, these stores enjoy the full look and feel of Samsung brand CI to exactly mirror such stores in the most prime locations in the world.

Our main focus has never changed from the original aim which was to showcase Samsung as a brand across all product categories and best exhibit its prowess as an innovator and customer-centric innovator of industry-leading technology.

Today the Samsung Experience Stores offer many unique propositions; exceptional product knowledge, signature service for installation, customer instruction and mobile assistance, upgrade options to trade into the latest Samsung product innovations and special Care programs that offer peace-of-mind to maintain your Samsung product in the same condition as the day it was bought, despite what life may throw at it.

This site is an extension of our physical presence online to be able to serve our many loyal customers from the comfort of your most comfortable chair at home. Your comments are most welcome, and we are most willing to assist with any product or
store relates request. Please direct all messages at info@samsungstore.capetown

Welcome to our wonderful Samsung world and our many technological innovations!